In all the countries of the world, there has been prohibition of growing of the marijuana plants and manufacturing of its products. That world is slowly fading away as for some several reasons mostly, medical marijuana growing has been approved but it does require a series of process. These facilities that are permitted to grow the marijuana plant are now known as marijuana dispensaries, California has quite a number of them. California in her wisdom has established certain policies that would guide the establishment of these dispensaries. In California, revolutions have been made regarding this, some projects have been made to own marijuana dispensaries legally and for non-medical purposes, example is the genzen project which Tony Veruso was an ideal part of which involved legally growing marijuana for recreational purposes, this project has been a huge success as the marijuana grown here has been sold across sates in California like Modesto. The Stanislauscounty has also been known to legally sell marijuana in California.


Approval: In as much as it is very possible to own a marijuana dispensary in California, operators must obtain a California’s sales permit before they can begin and also a license to allow them open a medical marijuana dispensary legally.

Regulate membership:

Since the marijuana is to be mainly used for medical purposes, strict membership procedures should be put in place and proper checks should be carried out before admitting any member. There should be a thorough process of admitting new members which should involve written applications that provide each applicant a valid California marijuana identification card and these cards should be filed for future cases where they may be needed. The membership/group should be a tightly knit circle such that applications are scrutinized thoroughly before they are accepted.


Sales should be done only between members only, strict rules should be observed within members to ensure that only members grow it and it is only sold between members, actions should be taken against members who do not abide by the law


Fees must be stable as the purpose of these dispensaries are usually non-profit oriented, due to this reason, the cost should simply cover the overhead expenses and not much more. The marijuana could be provided free to the members as the case may be or it could be exchanged for one service or the other.

Record keeping:

Accurate records should be kept on the amount of marijuana grown, the amount coming in and going out and every other information of importance related tothe, marijuana. This will serve as a, meansto limit each members amount and serves as a check to know the exact amount each member gets. More explained in this post:


in California, various laws have been established to ensure that medically, marijuana can be used legally, one of these bills is the senate bill 420 which states the medical marijuana program establishes the statewide identification card system for the qualified patients and their caregivers. All these bill serve to instill discipline even as the dispensing of marijuana has been permitted. After all said and done, the medical dispensaries in California were created solely for health care of patients in dire need of them. This is a wonderful evolution.

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